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Who We Are

PCHK scours the world looking for promising startups and growth companies. We place emphasis on stellar existing management and the potential of the acquisition targets to dominate their market segments.

First Acquisition

PCHK’s first subsidiary company operates in the castor oil business — a US$1.18 Billion market with a CAGR of around 4.3% through at least 2023.  The subsidiary has negotiated strong long-term growth contracts.

Our Growth

PCHK is in discussions with several target acquisitions that display strong management, a promising growth market, solid profit potential, and innovative market strategies. We are looking for potential acquisitions globally.

Public in the U.S.

We are publicly-traded on the U.S. stock markets on OTC Markets (OTC: PCHK).  We seek to continue growth and transparency as we aspire to elevate to larger stock exchanges in the near future.

Our First Acquisition:

PCHK’s first subsidiary is an integrated agribusiness specializing in the farming, processing, R&D, and sales of castor oil derivative products.  The company, based in Hong Kong, operates plantations in Xinjiang, China and, due to strong demand growth for its products, is expecting aggressive expansion into other provinces in China as well as ASEAN and African countries.  Conquest operates approximately 7,400 acres (3000 hectares) of castor plantation for castor oil extraction.  We are laying strategic plans to become China’s largest castor oil producer.

Incubating Promising Companies

Pacific Conquest Holdings, Inc. (“PCHK”) is a business management company that incubates promising companies in select stable growth industries.

The principles of PCHK have deep roots and relationships with major Pacific Rim countries and currently have several potential acquisitions in process throughout the region.

PCHK's Strategy For Choosing Acquisitions​

It is expected that each of the companies PCHK acquires will stand on its own as an independent profit center.  While the initial acquisition targets are based in Pacific Rim countries, it is expected that each one will have the potential of expanding its own operations in selected markets globally.

Each PCHK company will be independently evaluated based on several factors including:

  • The potential of the industry and its international growth markets
  • Quality of current management and their vision for growth and market share
  • The competitive advantages of the products and/or services rendered by the potential acquisition

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